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◆High Light Transmittance PP diffuser
◆Anit UV and Fire Self-distinguishing Material
◆LED Source with high lumen output
◆Up to 50% Energy Cost Savings
◆No UV/IR Radiation
◆No Visual LEDs
◆50000 Switching Times
◆2 Years Guarantee

Product parameters:
Model Voltage Dimension Power Cover CRI Luminous flux
SX121280 160-265V Φ270x80 12W PMMA >80 1056lm
SX121680 160-265V Φ337x100 16W PMMA >80 1408lm
SX121280-TG 160-265V Φ270x80 12W PMMA >80 211/6341056lm
SX121680-TG 160-265V Φ337x100 16W PMMA >80 282/845/1408lm