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◆Full aluminum alloy made with modern aesthetics
◆Metallic silver and Smooth glossy surface
◆Corrosion resistant coating
◆Extremely energy efficient - up to 140-150 LM/W
◆High-end Meanwell driver with 6KV/10KV surge protection 
◆Exquisite design with powerful termal dissipation and IP66 waterproof
◆Professional lens design with 60°, 90°and 80°x140° optional
◆Exquisite and enhanced full aluminium bracket
◆Special design for dusty or dirty environments.
◆5 Years Warranty

Product parameters:
Number of Modules Model Input Voltage Dimension Power LED Chip beam angle Luminous flux
1 SF-M150 120-277V 75x340x62 50W 3030 60°/90°/80°x140° 7000lm
2 SF-M1100 120-277V 155x340x62 100W 3030 60°/90°/80°x140° 14000lm
3 SF-M1150 120-277V 237x340x62 150W 3030 60°/90°/80°x140° 21000lm
4 SF-M1200 120-277V 320x340x62 200W 3030 60°/90°/80°x140° 28000lm
5 SF-M1240 120-277V 396x340x62 240W 3030 60°/90°/80°x140° 33600lm
6 SF-M1300 120-277V 478x340x62 300W 3030 60°/90°/80°x140° 42000lm
4x2 SF-M1400 120-277V 320x680x62 400W 3030 60°/90°/80°x140° 56000lm
5x2 SF-M1500 120-277V 396x680x62 500W 3030 60°/90°/80°x140° 70000lm
6x2 SF-M1600 120-277V 478x680x62 600W 3030 60°/90°/80°x140° 84000lm